Thursday, 26 September 2019                           HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY                           Page 7661

The Hon. G.G. BROCK (Frome) (14:55): My question is to the minister representing the Minister for Health. Can the minister please update the house on the progress, development and implementation of a business case and funding options for assistance with respect to a subsidy for compression garments for people suffering from lymphoedema?

The Hon. D.C. VAN HOLST PELLEKAAN (StuartMinister for Energy and Mining) (14:55): This topic has come up once before, I believe, from the member for Frome. He did get an answer from the Minister for Health and Wellbeing on this topic, and I will make sure that I bring back another answer to this question. I think it is quite similar to the previous question, so the answer might be quite similar, but I will make sure that I get an answer back for him.