Education Strike Action – to send message to the Government 

A visit to see the Hon Geoff Brock MP, Member for Frome and raise the issue why strike action is needed to ensure the government listens and better understand the needs of those working to educate and support children’s learning deserve to be recognised for what they do.

Those striking expressed their views that part of the issue for them is they feel they are not treated as professionals, and the government do not appear to take what they say seriously, there is very little understanding of what they do.  It is about having the student’s interest at heart.  A large number of parents support the action and know what they do, schools have left their special needs options open. It is about looking at the long term future of their children.

Geoff welcomed the opportunity to offer his support and understands the great work they are doing for children in our communities, especially those who need extra support and care.