Call to improve Blyth to Halbury Road

Press release: Calls to Improve Blyth to Halbury Road 22/5/2017

I am calling on the Government to upgrade this regional highway between Blyth and Halbury and make this road safe to travel on for our farmers when driving heavy
vehicle especially during grain harvesting. The concerns regarding the state of this road especially for the use of heavy vehicles was brought to my attention some time ago. I have written several letters on my constituent’s behalf to the Minister for Transport to have this road brought up to a safe standard.

Whilst I appreciate that shoulder grading works were completed in December 2016, it is not enough, unfortunately significant road work improvements has not occurred. After a site inspection, I understood first hand the difficulty faced by drivers of heavy vehicles when attempting to pass each other safely. Being on site was invaluable to understand the importance of bringing this matter to the attention of the government.

It is very clear to see that the width provided on the main arterial route between Blyth and Halbury is not a safe corridor to use by our farmers transporting grain in heavy vehicles, which is even more evident when passing each other during the harvest period.

I commend the government for the installation of safety barriers, shoulder sealing works that were carried out to the Blyth/ Halbury junction, and re-sealing and resurfacing 13 kilometres between Bowmans and Balaklava. This investment greatly improved the safety for heavy vehicles travelling to Balaklava during harvest time. Now is the time to replicate this works and improve the standard on the Blyth to Halbury Road, undertake this work and improve the condition of this road, which will make a safer passage to transport the 2017 grain harvest.

Solomontown Beach Access Mat

Beach - Hilde with Premier and GeoffWheelchair access mat for Solomontown Beach announced

The Hon Tom Koutsantonis MP, Treasurer Hon Geoff Brock MP, Member for Frome
The State Government will provide almost $20,000 for a wheelchair access mat for Solomontown Beach, allowing those with disability and mobility difficulties to experience the ocean.

The $19,360 in funding will be provided to the Red Cross, who will buy the portable and slip-resistant mat and oversee its ‘roll-out’ at the Upper Spencer Gulf beach.

The Red Cross expect to buy about 60m of mat, which will be modified as needed and placed on the beach regularly.

Quotes attributable to Treasurer Tom Koutsantonis 

Going to the beach and dipping your toes in the ocean – or going for a swim – is something many of us take for granted.

Everyone deserves to have the opportunity to experience the health and wellbeing benefits that come with a trip to the beach and being included in activities like this with their families and friends.

The State Government is committed to helping South Australians with disability live their lives to the fullest and this is exactly what this funding will help those living in Port Pirie and nearby do.

Quotes attributable to Member for Frome Geoff Brock 

I’m delighted to help deliver this important funding to the Red Cross, who do so much wonderful work in Port Pirie and throughout the Mid North, and to advocate on their behalf.

A trip to the beach is a quintessential Australian experience and this mat will allow many to touch the ocean’s edge for the first time – a powerful experience.

It’s great to be here with locals such as Hildy and hear from them firsthand about the difference it will make.

New Pontoon at Royal Port Pirie Yacht Club

New Pontoon Port Pirie Yacht ClubMinister Mullighan site visit to inspect the new Yacht pontoon and the Boat Ramp upgrade.20170402_145617











Geoff is pleased to see further lobbying to the State Government resulted in funding to assist with the new 30 metre pontoon in place at the Royal Port Pirie Yacht Club. Now able to be used by visiting yachts into Port Pirie. Come in, berth and use the facilities and explore our regions! Minister Mullighan took time to view the new Pontoon with Geoff when visiting Port Pirie for Country Cabinet.




Youth Voyage on the One and All Sailing Ship

One amd allThe Port Pirie boys were on the journey of a lifetime, partly made possible by Independent Frome MP Geoff Brock.

As a result of Mr Brock’s Youth Forum in Port Piire last year, O’Reilly, 17, and Decklan, 15, were taught maritime skills aboard the sail-training ship between January 22 and 26.  A student from Riverton High School also joined the voyage, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

The ship’s team had a promotional display at the forum and the teenagers took up the challenge with Mr Brock, Member for Frome sponsoring their travel costs to and from the ship’s departure and destination points.  The Youth Forum had aimed to help young people develop leadership skills, confidence and maturity.

South Australia’s Mental Health Plan – Have your say!

The development of South Australia’s Mental Health Plan has begun and we want to hear from you!

The South Australian Mental Health Commission is leading the development of our State’s Mental Health Plan and is seeking input from South Australians.  South Australians are encouraged to share their ideas and suggestions about what should be considered in developing the Mental Health Plan.  The Mental Health Plan aims to provide strategic direction for action plans to build, sustain and strengthen the mental health and wellbeing of South Australians.  The SA Mental Health Commission places people with lived experience of mental illness, their families, loved ones and carers are central to all our work.

We would like your feedback on:

  1. The existing mental health system; and
  2. Ways in which South Australians can strengthen their mental wellbeing.

With one in 5 South Australians likely to experience a mental illness in any given year and as many as half of us likely to experience mental health problems in our lifetime, at some stage you, someone you love or a friend or workmate may be mentally unwell.

That’s why it’s important for South Australians to have a say on the kind of services and support we want – for ourselves, our family members and friends into the future.

Your feedback – throughout the process – will assist with the development of the State’s Mental Health Plan.

Community input and feedback

Your feedback – throughout the process – will assist with the development of our State’s next Mental Health Plan.

The Plan for South Australia will be developed throughout the rest of 2016 and 2017, however, we will get back to you throughout the entire process of the Plan’s development.

We’ll be letting you know what we’ve heard from you, how we’ve interpreted your comments/suggestions/ideas, and ask you whether or not we’ve got it right. You will be kept updated on what has been heard and how that is interpreted and the consultation will continue to engage once a draft plan has been developed.

You will also have a chance to attend forums, events and information sessions – details of these will be advertised on YourSAy and also here on the Commission’s website.

You can sign up for our e-Newsletter to receive regular updates on the Plan and consultation.

Share your views on what you think should be in SA’s next Mental Health Plan

  1. Join an online discussion and provide your ideas and suggestions at:
  2. Write to: SA Mental Health Commission, GPO Box 189, Rundle Mall, SA 5000
  3. Email:


White Ribbon Day 25th November 2016

Domestic Violence has NO place in our Society

Support White Ribbon Day – Friday, 25th November

I am proud to be a White Ribbon Ambassador, wearing the ribbon is a symbol that we will not commit violence against women, nor will we remain silent. Men have a positive and vital role to play in helping stop violence against women.

One in four Australian Women has experienced violence from a current or former partner. We are finally seeing all sorts of communities saying ‘Enough’.   Women need to feel that men will treat them with respect. Sadly, this does not always happen, however help is always available to women by contacting the Domestic Violence Gateway on 1800 800 098 or SAPOL. I believe the key to boys and men behaving in an acceptable manner towards women is showing respect to women of all ages.

We need to educate our young men how to deal with their feelings, emotions and anger at an early age, so that they are better able to manage their actions and the way they respond to all situations as they mature and become part of our adult society.

How can we get the message out :

  • Become a White Ribbon Ambassador
  • Support the White Ribbon Day by wearing a pin or ribbon
  • Openly speak about Domestic Violence in general conversation
  • Breaking the silence at schools and in the community through education

Let’s work together to Stamp out Domestic Violence. I ask everyone to keep an eye on the women in our lives, friends and family, treat them with respect and look out for any signs that they may have been subjected to domestic violence. At times there may be no visible signs of injury, if unsure, ask the question, are you OK?

Below Jenny Lewis, Matt Patterson and Geoff at the White Ribbon Day Breakfast.  Right Jenny with Patricia Rollins, Manager of the YMNDVC.







Survey of Local Businesses to capture data on international business activity of South Australian exporters

A survey conducted in 2015 received over 500 responses across the state, these results provided strong insights into the requirements and issues faced by South Australian exporters.

The Department of State Development are conducting a follow-up survey in November 2016, to hear from business about the requirements, challenges and opportunities facing South Australian exporters and how Government can support businesses to grow and enter new overseas markets.

It will enable us to be targeted in our export and trade related programs to ensure maximum benefit for the South Australian economy.

To complete the survey visit:

The survey closes on close of business Friday 2 December 2016.

The results of this survey will be used to further refine programs run by the Department, including: The TradeStart Program, Export Partnership Program (EPP), Trades Missions and International Engagement Strategies.

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