Hello and Welcome to My Website!

I decided to set up this site as a communication opportunity for myself and most importantly – you – the people of Frome. I hope you enjoy exploring this site as much as my staff and I did when putting it together. I appreciate feedback, and would love to hear from you as to the information you would like made available on the site.

The Frome Electorate and Regional South Australia is very important to me. Engaging with the community is essential to ensure that I have a clear understanding of issues faced by the people of Frome.


When: Thursday 27th October, 2016

Time: 10.00 am – 12.30 pm

Location: Laura Civic Centre

Geoff regularly visits rural towns in the Frome Electorate to provide an opportunity for those who want to meet close to home. You are welcome to discuss any issues concerning you or the Electorate of Frome. If you would like an appointment please phone the Frome Electorate office on: 8633 1210 to make a time.


Your local state member wants to hear your views on the ‘Voluntary Euthanasia Bill’

Geoff continues to seek the views of people who live in the Frome Electorate. Voluntary Euthanasia is a very emotion filled topic and many people have different opinions and strong beliefs For or Against and it is important that you make your views heard. When contacting the Electorate Office please also advise your residential address or town.

“My personal view is one thing … but I want to make it clear to my constituents I need their views. I’m asking them to come in and talk to me and my staff, write, email or telephone their views. We have a great database which I access regularly to see what my constituents want, this is not for public information.”

Many of my constituents have made their views known to me, however if you have not yet contacted my office I encourage you to contact the Frome Electorate office and forward your thoughts and views on the Voluntary Euthanasia Bill.

To view the bill to be introduced follow the link:

Contact the Frome Electorate office on:
Phone: 8633 1210
Write: PO BOX 519, PORT PIRIE SA 5540
Email: frome@parliament.sa.gov.au

Community Voices Program

The Community Voices Program provides a unique opportunity for community organisations to partner with Flinders University Screen and Media students to produce community documentaries or online video advertisements to promote, train or recruit volunteers.
Organisations must be incorporated, community based, not-for-profit organisations.
Special consideration will be given to:
• organisations with a clear vision to promote and market their volunteer programs
• organisations that do not receive other government funding
• benefits to the organisation and the community
• impact on attracting and retaining South Australian volunteers
For further information: https://www.ofv.sa.gov.au/programsor call 1300 014 712.
Applications Close: Friday 11 November 2016

Recovery Hotline

Call the South Australian recovery hotline 1800 302 787 if you have been affected by the weather and need information about recovery services and support. Hotline hours are 24/7 until further notice.

Please contact me by using the Contact page or by phoning the Frome Electorate Office (within business hours) on 08 8633 1210 to voice your ideas or concerns.
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Electorate Office

Shop C Ellen Centre Port Pirie
PO Box 519 Port Pirie SA 5540
Phone: 8633 1210 Fax: 8633 1758
Email: fromeATparliament.sa.gov.au
(replace the AT with @ in email)

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