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I decided to set up this site as a communication opportunity for myself and most importantly – you – the people of Frome. I hope you enjoy exploring this site as much as my staff and I did when putting it together. I appreciate feedback, and would love to hear from you as to the information you would like made available on the site.

The Frome Electorate and Regional South Australia is very important to me. Engaging with the community is essential to ensure that I have a clear understanding of issues faced by the people of Frome.



Dates for the Listening Posts to be held in Clare till the end of 2018 will be displayed here soon.
Please remember, you are welcome to contact by phone or email at anytime regarding any state issue you wish to discuss or have assistance with. Please contact the Frome Electorate Office on 8633 1210 if you would like to make an appointment time.

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Your 2018 Lifestyle Guide is available to collect from this office call into Shop C, Ellen Centre Port Pirie.

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• Marine Scale Fishery Reform Process – Advisory Committee Nominations Sought
• Legislation to scrap payroll tax for Small Businesses


For a full list of topics and further information visit: yoursay.sa.gov.au

• Driver Industry Training
For more information: https://yoursay.sa.gov.au/decisions/driver-training-consultation/about

• Reactivating the Repat
For more information:https://yoursay.sa.gov.au/decisions/reactivating-the-repat/about

• We’re changing NRM in South Australia
We want to see communities and people central to managing the natural resources of their region. This involves significant reforms and your input is critical. For more information including Regional Community Forums visit: https://yoursay.sa.gov.au/decisions/landscape-reform/about
Regional Community Forum
Clare 22nd August – Clare Country Club 2pm – 5 pm
Closing Date for feedback: 15th October 2018

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