In reply to: Hon G G Brock MP (2 May 2019):

My question is to the Minister for Child Protection. Can the minister please advise the number of regional staff in Port Pine who will be affected by the outsourcing of the financial wellbeing program currently run by the Department for Child Protection that will be transferred out to non-government organisations by the end of June 2019? Can the minister also advise if those affected will be offered redeployment, what regional government agency will be offered to them and what capacity these regional government offices have to take them on board?

Hon Rachel Sanderson MP: 

I have been advised that:

There are currently 3.0 FTE Financial Counsellors working from DCP’s Port Pine office.

As per the Department’s HR Transition principles, all staff affected by the restructuring of the Department’s financial wellbeing services will be supported to transition to other roles within the Department, or the wider public sector. The Department’s Human Resources team is currently working with affected staff to establish future career pathways, as well as training and support required to transition into new roles. The Department is committed to finding positions within the Department in which to place all affected staff, where a reasonable match in terms of skills and / or training is identified.


Hon Rachel Sanderson MP
Minister for Child Protection