Tuesday, 16 November 2021                      HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY                                    Page 8266/8267

The Hon. G.G. BROCK (Frome) (15:51): My question is to the minister representing the Minister for Human Services. Can the minister advise the house if there will be any new rental homes in regional South Australia as a result of the recently announced Build to Rent plan, which was announced on Saturday by the government in conjunction with a partnership with a successful community housing provider. With your leave, sir, and that of the house, I will explain.

Leave granted.

The Hon. G.G. BROCK: In a media release on Saturday it says a Greenhill Road project where 29 run-down Housing Trust dwellings are set to be replaced with up to 140 new rental properties, the state government is contributing at least $10 million to the project, including a $9 million land contribution and at least $1 million in grant funding to the successful community housing provider. My question is: will the state government extend this program to regional South Australia to endeavour to assist those in dire need of rental?

The Hon. V.A. CHAPMAN (Bragg—Deputy Premier, Attorney-General, Minister for Planning and Local Government) (15:52): Firstly, there is the Build to Rent proposal which is generously contributed to by our Treasurer, who has announced a land tax free period for those who are prepared to invest to make further accommodation available for rental. That’s an important new initiative. If the question in relation to that is whether there is any provision within that for regional allocation, my understanding is it is not restricted to Adelaide for the purposes of that program, but I will certainly get some more information on that.

On a previous occasion, the member also raised with me an issue in relation to accommodation in Port Pirie and it was within the envelope of a concern that he had raised as to whether people who may be fleeing a domestic violence situation may need to have access to a certain caravan park. Indeed, the member provided me with the name of the caravan park afterwards. I made that inquiry and I think I have provided a written answer to the member.

In short, for the benefit of members, only in an exceptional circumstance—that is, where there is no other accommodation available, such as domestic violence—will people be referred. I am advised that that caravan park does have referrals to it for people who are homeless in the township of Port Pirie on occasion. Whilst the member had indicated to me the member’s personal view as to the standard that applies there, I don’t think I need to go into that other than to reassure the house that it’s not used for the purposes of referral for those who are in need of domestic violence support because they need safe and secure accommodation that is inaccessible to the alleged perpetrator and accommodation in which they can have children and so on, if required. All those things need to be considered, but that particular establishment, I am advised, is used from time to time for the homeless.


Tuesday, 16 November 2021                       HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY                                   Page 8267

The Hon. G.G. BROCK (Frome) (15:54): Supplementary to the minister: you indicate in this press release that the state’s first initiative to deliver new rental homes is not restricted to metropolitan Adelaide.

The Hon. V.A. CHAPMAN (Bragg—Deputy Premier, Attorney-General, Minister for Planning and Local Government) (15:54): I’m not entirely sure which is being referred to, but the Build to Rent program is a financial incentive through the Treasurer’s office. In relation to the public housing that the Minister for Human Services is overseeing, there is a massive rollout in relation to public housing.

I am not quite sure which press release one is reading from. If it’s the Build to Rent program, it’s via the Treasurer and it’s a land tax provision. If it’s a provision of housing for the purposes of the affordable housing program, that’s under the supervision of the Minister for Human Services, the Hon. Michelle Lensink. The member is nodding, so I will make some inquiries in relation to access to that. In specific terms, if there are dwellings available, how many are being allocated to Port Pirie? Is that the gist of the question? I will make that inquiry.