Regional Growth Fund 2020/ 2021

This year $15 million has been allocated for the Regional Growth Fund it has been established to:

  • unlock new economic activity in our regions
  • deliver critical economic infrastructure to create direct benefit across regional industries
  • strengthen regional communities
  • The Fund Will Support
  1. Up to $5 million for the Regional Growth Fund Competitive Grants –
  2. $10 million for the Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development to commit to strategic regional growth projects – open year-round for applications.

Applicants can seek grants from $50,000 up to $2 million.

Assessment criteria

Projects will be assessed on their ability to:

  • drive new economic activity to produce outcomes that would not occur otherwise
  • demonstrate transformational change for an industry or sector, rather than incremental improvement
  • create new or additional sustained economic benefits for the community/region beyond the applicant
  • connect to a specific regional community
  • ensure that further intervention by government after the funding is provided, is not required to sustain the project or its benefits.

Projects will also be assessed on secondary criteria including their contribution towards:

  • growing regional population and promoting skilled migration
  • providing productive economic infrastructure
  • increasing merchandise and service exports, import replacement and direct investment into South Australia
  • business facilitation factors (e.g. greater skills training opportunities)
  • building the resilience of the economy to deal with shocks and take advantage of emerging opportunities
  • reducing the cost of doing business in South Australia.

Projects seeking funding through the strategic pool must also secure additional funding from other non-State Government sources, such as the Commonwealth Government.

To apply visit: