STEM Opening Balaklava High School

Geoff was honoured to represent the Minister for Education at the official opening of the new STEM Building at Balaklava High School. It is so exciting to see this wonderful new STEM facility,  a new and refurbished science laboratories, a food technology area and flexible learning areas for collaborative learning. Small group and individual breakout learning spaces to inspire students to investigate, think and create while using up to date technology.  The skills of science, technology, engineering and maths are needed in some form in 75% of the fastest growing industries.  STEM facilities can inspire innovation and creativity in the learning process and stimulate students imagination.  This has been a whole school community effort from the design process and the patience and flexibility that was required by all during the building works.

Cutting the Ribbon – Left to right: Andrew Parker (Governing Council Chairperson). Rodney Reid, Geoff, Sonia Pringle (Balaklava High Principal) and Neil White (Education Director)