White Ribbon Day 25th November 2016

Domestic Violence has NO place in our Society

Support White Ribbon Day – Friday, 25th November

I am proud to be a White Ribbon Ambassador, wearing the ribbon is a symbol that we will not commit violence against women, nor will we remain silent. Men have a positive and vital role to play in helping stop violence against women.

One in four Australian Women has experienced violence from a current or former partner. We are finally seeing all sorts of communities saying ‘Enough’.   Women need to feel that men will treat them with respect. Sadly, this does not always happen, however help is always available to women by contacting the Domestic Violence Gateway on 1800 800 098 or SAPOL. I believe the key to boys and men behaving in an acceptable manner towards women is showing respect to women of all ages.

We need to educate our young men how to deal with their feelings, emotions and anger at an early age, so that they are better able to manage their actions and the way they respond to all situations as they mature and become part of our adult society.

How can we get the message out :

  • Become a White Ribbon Ambassador
  • Support the White Ribbon Day by wearing a pin or ribbon
  • Openly speak about Domestic Violence in general conversation
  • Breaking the silence at schools and in the community through education

Let’s work together to Stamp out Domestic Violence. I ask everyone to keep an eye on the women in our lives, friends and family, treat them with respect and look out for any signs that they may have been subjected to domestic violence. At times there may be no visible signs of injury, if unsure, ask the question, are you OK?

Below Jenny Lewis, Matt Patterson and Geoff at the White Ribbon Day Breakfast.  Right Jenny with Patricia Rollins, Manager of the YMNDVC.







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