South Australia’s Mental Health Plan – Have your say!

The development of South Australia’s Mental Health Plan has begun and we want to hear from you!

The South Australian Mental Health Commission is leading the development of our State’s Mental Health Plan and is seeking input from South Australians.  South Australians are encouraged to share their ideas and suggestions about what should be considered in developing the Mental Health Plan.  The Mental Health Plan aims to provide strategic direction for action plans to build, sustain and strengthen the mental health and wellbeing of South Australians.  The SA Mental Health Commission places people with lived experience of mental illness, their families, loved ones and carers are central to all our work.

We would like your feedback on:

  1. The existing mental health system; and
  2. Ways in which South Australians can strengthen their mental wellbeing.

With one in 5 South Australians likely to experience a mental illness in any given year and as many as half of us likely to experience mental health problems in our lifetime, at some stage you, someone you love or a friend or workmate may be mentally unwell.

That’s why it’s important for South Australians to have a say on the kind of services and support we want – for ourselves, our family members and friends into the future.

Your feedback – throughout the process – will assist with the development of the State’s Mental Health Plan.

Community input and feedback

Your feedback – throughout the process – will assist with the development of our State’s next Mental Health Plan.

The Plan for South Australia will be developed throughout the rest of 2016 and 2017, however, we will get back to you throughout the entire process of the Plan’s development.

We’ll be letting you know what we’ve heard from you, how we’ve interpreted your comments/suggestions/ideas, and ask you whether or not we’ve got it right. You will be kept updated on what has been heard and how that is interpreted and the consultation will continue to engage once a draft plan has been developed.

You will also have a chance to attend forums, events and information sessions – details of these will be advertised on YourSAy and also here on the Commission’s website.

You can sign up for our e-Newsletter to receive regular updates on the Plan and consultation.

Share your views on what you think should be in SA’s next Mental Health Plan

  1. Join an online discussion and provide your ideas and suggestions at:
  2. Write to: SA Mental Health Commission, GPO Box 189, Rundle Mall, SA 5000
  3. Email:


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