Call to improve Blyth to Halbury Road

Press release: Calls to Improve Blyth to Halbury Road 22/5/2017

I am calling on the Government to upgrade this regional highway between Blyth and Halbury and make this road safe to travel on for our farmers when driving heavy
vehicle especially during grain harvesting. The concerns regarding the state of this road especially for the use of heavy vehicles was brought to my attention some time ago. I have written several letters on my constituent’s behalf to the Minister for Transport to have this road brought up to a safe standard.

Whilst I appreciate that shoulder grading works were completed in December 2016, it is not enough, unfortunately significant road work improvements has not occurred. After a site inspection, I understood first hand the difficulty faced by drivers of heavy vehicles when attempting to pass each other safely. Being on site was invaluable to understand the importance of bringing this matter to the attention of the government.

It is very clear to see that the width provided on the main arterial route between Blyth and Halbury is not a safe corridor to use by our farmers transporting grain in heavy vehicles, which is even more evident when passing each other during the harvest period.

I commend the government for the installation of safety barriers, shoulder sealing works that were carried out to the Blyth/ Halbury junction, and re-sealing and resurfacing 13 kilometres between Bowmans and Balaklava. This investment greatly improved the safety for heavy vehicles travelling to Balaklava during harvest time. Now is the time to replicate this works and improve the standard on the Blyth to Halbury Road, undertake this work and improve the condition of this road, which will make a safer passage to transport the 2017 grain harvest.

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